MYOB – New 2013/2014 Compliance (Payroll) Update and Software Changes


MYOB – New 2013/2014 Compliance (Payroll) Update and Software Changes
MYOB – New 2013/2014 Compliance (Payroll) Update and Software Changes

The new 2013 compliance update – is coming soon in late June 2013!

For AccountRight and AccountEdge the 2013 compliance update will be available for download in late June 2013. They will include all the ATO changes required to be compliant for the 2013/2014 financial and payroll year. When it is available, the MYOB site and support note will be updated with instructions on how to get it.

While waiting for the update you can also check out Getting the compliance update for some things we can do to prepare for EOFY. Another good link is the End of Year Support Home Page with many resources to help us at this busy time of year.

Note: The best way to keep your software up to date is with a MYOB Cover or AccountRight Live subscription, but contact us for bonuses and special offers not available elsewhere.

Other Notes from MYOB:

  • The compliance update must be installed on all computers which access your company file.
  • For more information about the PAYG Tax Tables in your software, see this support note.

AccountRight Plus users please note:

There will be two compliance updates available: One for AccountRight Plus v19, and the other for AccountRight Plus 2011 and later. Why two? Even though many have already upgraded to the new AccountRight, MYOB wants to make sure those of who haven’t upgraded can move across at their own pace, without the added pressure of June 30.

Also note, if you’re still using AccountRight Plus v19, it is recommended to stay there until after the busy end of financial year period. And when you do decide the time is right, there are a range of support channels to assist you with the change, so head to support note Installing and upgrading to the new AccountRight.

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