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Explaining Annual Leave Loading – what is it?

Q – Client Bianca asked – are you able to explain to me what ‘Annual LEAVE LOADINGS’ are?

Our Building Design organisation has sent me an email this morning advising:

Annual Leave loading – Members will be aware that employee draftspersons are covered under the Manufacturing and Associated Industries Award 2010. As you gear up for preparing holiday pay for your employee draftspersons, we remind you that this award includes a 17.5% annual leave loading as part of the employment conditions for permanent employees covered under the Award. Members who have any queries about this Award or its provisions should contact Fair Work Australia on 1300 799 675, Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9am-5pm.

Can you please help me with what I have to do with the guys annual leave??

A – Leave Loading is paid WHEN an employee takes Annual Leave/Holiday, is 17.5% of the gross annual leave amount (usually the normal wage for the week) ON TOP OF the gross annual leave. Tax is calculated and taken out automatically by MYOB. So the employees get more for their holidays, 17.5% more pay.

Many awards have it – it started back in World War 2 times, and was to allow for the average overtime workers did on normal weeks. Many employer groups have tried to have it removed, but it’s still here 50+ years later!


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Are you a target of the ATO crackdown on GST Liabilities?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) announced this year 2011 a crackdown on GST liabilities.

The ATO is chasing:

  1. Late BAS lodgers;
  2. Incorrect information in the BAS;
  3. GST evasion;
  4. GST debts owed to the ATO;
  5. Not registering for GST when required to do so;
  6. Persistently exploiting bankruptcy;
  7. Colluding with others to avoid GST.

It seems that you fall into the first category. I’m sorry to say that there’s only one thing you can do. Lodge your BAS.

Given the ATO’s current aggressive revenue collection activity – it has never been more important to speak to your accountant and advisers. Why persist with struggling along, when your accountant can take care of things for you.

How does the ATO know who to target?

The obvious ways the ATO gets information are:

  1. Failure to comply with lodgement deadlines;
  2. Failure to pay off GST liabilities on time;
  3. Data matching with other government authorities;
  4. Small Business Benchmarks. (Note the benchmarks were withdrawn in April 2011)

See crackdown on GST

Have you had to deal with the ATO on GST liabilities? Tell us your story.