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#MYOB Pro Tip – Shortcut Timesaver – Ctrl+B opens Customer Payments

Pro Tips

Pro Tips

For quick access to the screen to record when you are paid: MYOB Pro Tip – Ctrl+B = opens Customer Payments to invoices they owe you.

 Have the payment applied automatically – go to Set Up in top menu > Preferences > Sales > tick ”Apply Customer Payments Automatically to oldest Invoice First”. You can adjust in the payment screen if customer misses an invoice. If they pay an odd amount, just apply it to the oldest invoice onwards.


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#MYOB Pro Tip – Shortcut Timesaver – Ctrl+J opens the Sales

Account Keeping Plus Pro Tips

Pro Tips

MYOB Shortcut Timesaver – Ctrl+J opens the Sales, ready to invoice / bill a customer.

You can start with a Quote for the customer, then convert to an Order, then to a sale

(see top left of Invoice to change type to start)

(will generate a new invoice number each conversion, or to keep same number, click on Set Up in Menu at the top>Preferences>Sales, tick: “Retain Original Inv # when quote changed to Order or Invoice” also, can click on “Delete Quotes upon Changing to and Recording as Order or Invoice”)

Quotes don’t appear on Profit and Loss, but Orders and Invoices do