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MYOB – Supplier set up as Customer, but can’t correct it – how can I change it?

Client emailed – I have been entering money spent dockets today and when I did a card for a supplier I didn’t realise that I had set them up as a customer…the transaction is already logged but i can’t correct it (the card) when I try and edit the card. The customer/supplier area wont allow me to change it???? I thought that I was doing ok and have kind of hit a wall what do i do?????? Cheers Natasha

Solution – No need to delete the card – But note you can’t delete OR change/correct the status of card type UNTIL – you take any transactions (trns) off the card (eg you can open the trn then change the card in the spend money to another for a moment, such as the next card in the list), and also change the Recurring Transaction created earlier (>(click/go to)Lists>Recurring Transactions, scroll or search in the box at the top >edit, change the card to another for a moment).

Then >Lists>Cards>find the card, change the type from customer to supplier>OK, close cards.

Go back to the original transaction, open it>change back to the updated card>OK, say yes to changes

Then go back to Recurring Trns – Lists>Recurring Transactions, scroll or search in the box at the top >edit, change the card back and save it.


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Quickbooks – How to void undeposited funds

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Client said they were trying to void the undeposited funds, but the list of undeposited funds will not let them change the account numbers or the amounts as you suggested. What can I do?

Solution – Undeposited funds are not transactions that can be edited. Instead, go to the customer transactions, find the sales receipt – void it, or if an invoice payment that created the undeposited fund transaction, delete it. Any changes you make on the transactions will flow through to the undeposited funds list. Then if the invoice that had a payment to it was never paid, usually it is written off at year end.

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