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MYOB Certification Annual Test Passed!

I passed my MYOB Certified Consultant Annual Test with 19/20 (95%) pass!

(Confused myself on one “negative-worded” question)


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MYOB – Tips to Set Up Your Company, Part 3


Conclusion (in the New Company File Assistant)

Click Setup Assistant if you want to continue customising your new data file. Alternatively, you can select Command Centre to start entering your accounting data.

If you select Command Centre, you can access the Setup Assistant. To do this, open your data file go to the Setup menu and choose Easy Setup Assistant.

For information on using this tool see the Support Note Easy Setup Assistant.

For information on entering customer opening balances see the Support Note Setting up Customer Opening Balances and historical sales.

For The Full Article Click on “MYOB – Tips to set up your company“ at

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Cashflow Tips – Loan Money To the Business – Record it in the books

Example: To start up my business, I deposited $2000 of my own money to the business bank account. Obviously I want my $2000 back at some stage when business has made the money back. How do I register or properly deposit $2000 into my cheque account and then later on, how do I reimburse myself?

How To Loan To the business: Set up a new account in the Current Liabilities area 2-XXXX and call it “Pete’s (Your Name) Loan Account”.  Set the type up as credit card in MYOB, or choose Credit Card Account Type in Quickbooks. Using Spend Money (MYOB) or Credit Card Charges (Quickbooks), use the new account 2-XXXX as the “bank” to spend from at the top of the transaction window, and the business bank account at the lower account allocation. Use NO Tax code.

How to pay yourself back: When you repay/reimburse yourself use Spend Money, more…

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