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MYOB – More MAPI Outlook Error Solutions

MYOB - MAPI Outlook Error Solutions

More MAPI Outlook Error Solutions

From the MYOB Community Forum – on 17-1-2012

One writer has “spent many hours over the past week trying to resolve the issue of not being able to send emails from AccountRight (any version) when installed in a 64bit Windows environment using Outlook 64bit and I’ve got some great results I’d like to share with the community (and possibly get some fellow geeks on board testing this).

All testing was done on FRESHLY INSTALLED Windows 7 machines (Enterprise & Ultimate) and Office 2010 64bit (professional plus) with NOTHING ELSE INSTALLED (not even a virus checker). I also tested this in a few VMware machines.
2 physical machines were used in testing and 3 Virtual machines with various configurations; each machine was wiped clean and freshly installed each test. Overkill perhaps, however this allowed clean results.   (see post for a small table of results –
Go HERE) …….

It would seem that Outlook64bit can be made to work if SP1 is installed. Every install this worked straight out of the box, HOWEVER I did experience the “Allow/Deny” message when sending emails which does make sense. This doesn’t happen with Outlook32bit.
On the machines where I applied OfficeSP1 and it still failed, I was able to manually create a 2nd mail profile in the Registry, I then linked this to the 32bit MAPI drivers (which are hidden away on the 64bit machines) then set it as the default mail profile. (I was able to find reputable articles on the internet where others experience the same positive results)

So far I’ve been able to get it working EVERY time (that’s about 8 different machines/configurations!)

* Registry modification – The location of the 32bit MAPI drivers varies on every PC so I’ve written a small tool that finds the drivers on your PC and creates the 2nd mail profile automatically (there’s also a remove option) but you MUST have OfficeSP1 installed. I’m happy to provide this tool on request via email ( but would rather enter into discussion here around findings, adding lines to the registry should always be a last resort. TOOL IS NOW ATTACHED TO THIS POST
The MYOB Support team won’t be able to offer any help here as this is definitely not related to the MYOB products in any way, this is an Outlook/Windows test/resolution. The great news is this works for all other products that use MAPI32 not just AccountRight.

I also tested this with AccountRight v19.6 AU – WORKS
EDIT – A suggestion (from Steve Howard / Computer Service & Administration) that is so simple I never thought of it.

I’ve not tested but I have full confidence it could work. Thanks Steve!
FYI, I have email working successfully on a Server 2k8 machine used for MYOB AccountRight Enterprise
in Terminal Services mode for 5 users. Install Outlook 32bit (even a trial version), this will install MAPI.
Create profile. Uninstall Outlook will still leave MAPI dll in place and MYOB is fooled again. I have just
searched but cannot find the original document detailing the full procedure.}

Go HERE for the full discussion and other comments


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Quickbooks – Can We Do One Monthly Invoice for Work in Previous Months?

Quickbooks - Can we do one monthly invoice for work in previous months

Can we do one monthly invoice for work in previous months

An interesting question in the last few days on the Intuit forum – HERE

“The company I work for is using accrual accounting and Quickbooks Online. They charge for several services each month. For example, a monthly invoice will include a monthly service fee for the month the bill is issued as well as charges for specific services performed in the previous month. They want all charges to be on 1 invoice but want the charges to show up in the appropriate month. They used to send 2 different invoices. One dated with the last day of the previous month and the other with the first of the current month. This allowed their reporting to accurately show their income. Is there another way to do this so that we only have to send out 1 invoice per customer?”

One answer given was: “I don’t see how you can do that without impacting the aging on the A/R account for the customer. For example, if you record the income for the [previous month] services rendered at the time they are earned but not invoiced, by the time an actual invoice is created and sent, the balance due is already x days old.”

To answer further: I say that work of past months can be included in an invoice with any date noted, but will only be recognised on the accounts when INVOICED, so the way they are invoicing over two or more months will best reflect their income, as generated. This is the way accounting works.

Any solutions you use?


Survey Shows Small Business are Using Social Media Less in the Last Few Months

social media
Small Business are Using Social Media Less

Nett Better Business Advice reports:

According to research released by accounting firm MYOB, there has been a decline in small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) using online tools.

MYOB’s July 2012 Business Monitor surveyed 1,004 SMB owners and found that online business activity such as online transactions, email marketing, and social media has fallen.

The study also discovered that the proportion of those surveyed with a business website increased slightly. It is now up to 38% of respondents, from 36% back in March 2012.

Furthermore, those SMB owners surveyed with a website were more likely to see a rise in revenue in the past 12 months than those without, 23% in comparison to 15%.

“Last year, those with a business website were 53% more likely to experience a revenue increase,” said Tim Reid, CEO of MYOB.

“They also said positive business changes were more likely a result of having a website than using other promotional media, or a result of utilising both.” Read More

And Business IT reports:

We’ve sat through enough presentations on social media to know that it has the potential to do wonders for your sales and/or brand if you are a small struggling business. On the other side of the coin, you can spend a lot of time on it, with little return, if you don’t use it effectively.

With this in mind, we weren’t shocked to discover that although more small businesses are running their own websites, the MYOB Business Monitor found that online activity was down in July compared to previous months.

MYOB CEO Tim Reed said, “The decline in popularity of online business activities was completely unexpected, particularly that of online marketing and social media. Many of these tools, such as a basic LinkedIn page, are free and can be used to raise the profile of a business and to communicate with customers”.

The challenge for small businesses is to find a balance between working on the business and working in the business. Given that we are still operating in uncertain economic times it’s not surprising to see that time on activities such as social media is falling. Read More

How are you using Social Media for business? Leave a comment!

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MYOB – Depreciation – What Do I Enter – Assets, the Calculation

Question and Answer

MYOB – Depreciation – What do I Enter?

Client asked: Do I enter each depreciating item individually or as one lump sum for the year or month?”

Answer: Yes, as you pay for an item over $1000 (in 2012-2013 year, over $5000) you pay it from the bank or credit card or loan, then allocate to your Plant & Equip or Furniture & Fixtures (as appropriate) asset accounts.

Use the CAP Tax Code (best to set up CAP as the default tax code for those accounts so it comes up automatically – one less thing to remember). Then the amount will be in the CAP part of the GST reports, to be reported at G10 Capital Purchases.

Keep all asset invoices in a folder/file for the year, then at year-end the asset accounts can be printed for 1/7 to 30/6 and then give them to the accountant – many want to check and then they add them to your asset register.

Then they will calculate the depreciation and you will get the amount in your year end reports, and some accountants give you a journal to align your accounts and raise the Depreciation.

If you have questions, or need to ask questions? Give us a call! No obligation – solve your queries now!

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A daily routine for achieving more

A recent study published in an American Psychological Association journal, Emotion, suggests that early birds are generally happier than night owls.

More than 700 respondents, ranging from ages 17 to 79, were surveyed and asked about their emotional state, health, and preferred time of day.

Self-professed “morning people” reported feeling happier and healthier than night owls. Researchers hypothesize that one of the reasons could be because society caters to a morning person’s schedule.

It’s certainly true that the working world does. Working “9-to-5” is more than an expression, but a standard shift for many workers. It also stands to reason that those who like rising with the sun are also the most productive employees in the office.

Do you want to be more like them? Then take note of the tasks these high-functioning, productive, and more awake employees have completed before lunch:

  1. Make a “TO-DO List” the day before
  2. Full night’s rest
  3. Avoid hitting the snooze button
  4. Exercise daily or every second day
  5. Have a morning ritual
  6. Eat breakfast

For the full 12 see  12 Tasks That Killer Employees Always Finish Before Noon

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Loral’s 7 Step “Millionaire Makeover” System – FREE Event

Advice Business Tips Loral Milllionaire Maker Free Event

Free Event Australia

FREE event – Melb Syd Bris Perth Aust – Millionnaire Makeover Loral Langemeier

The best business education I have learnt is from Loral Langemeier. She has a way of simplifying  how to start and /or makeover your business by using what you have, getting the simplest business plan, focusing on fast cash to get moving, and creating the team you need to grow.

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Quickbooks – Can I change “Other” Cards to Customers?

Quickbooks - an  Change Oher Cards to Customer

Quickbooks Client Question


There is no easy way to change cards to another type. The main way is to add them as customers and then change the sales receipts to reflect the customer name instead of the Other card.

Another way is to export your Other Names (File > Utilities > Export > Lists to IIF Files), then open the file in Excel, and copy/paste the information into Lists > Add/Edit Multiple Lists Entries.

However, the names can’t be exactly the same, so you could change the ones in Other Names to make them slightly different eg adding a number, symbol or letter. Then once imported back, inactivate all the Other Names so you don’t accidentally use them again.