PDClogoPaul is just the right fit for my business. He is able to adapt and develop the business to make it more efficient and effective. Paul is the type of person that can be trusted to do the work in a timely manner and always exceeds expectations. He is easy to get along with and always professional in his manner and approach. If you are looking for someone that can be trusted, can take your business further and an expert in the latest accountant software systems, then you’ve just met the right person – Paul Humphreys. Peter Claproth,  Peter David Creative

Paul was great, very knowledgeable & resourceful. He achieved everything that I needed. The service is great & website is also fantastic.  – Chris Bowey, Bowey Traffic & Pilot Services – Customer Rating: Better than expected

Service was well suited for sorting out software & setup issues.Alex Freasel, Australian Separation Services – Customer Rating: Better than expected

RVS PrecisionLogoVery good in explaining the software.Venugopal R, RVS PrecisionCustomer Rating: Better than expected

Definitely value for what  paid for – A1 service. – Helen Doyle, Independent Hydraulic & Pneumtics (Aust.) Pty Ltd – Customer Rating: Better than expected

OpenicaLogoPaul was very helpful with the way he conducted himself and was most helpful in advising us with a new version of MYOB. Vicky Taseski, Openica Logistics Pty Ltd Customer Rating: Better than expected

Extremely happy with the service and the way things were explained. Will use you again.Val Avramoska, Anhela Hair & Beauty – Customer Rating: Better than expected

FilmtimeEverything is excellent…I can’t speak highly enough of AKP. The attention to detail and effort put into our business has undoubtedly given us the insight and understanding…to allow us to grow. – Peter Hynes, Filmtime

Customer Rating: Better than expected. – Debbie Gasgard, ic. Assoc. of Cardio-Vascular Rehabilitation

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