Useful Business Links

GST for Overseas suppliers +ABNs – from Avers Qld

List of Overseas companies and if they have Aust office and registered for ABN and GST – great list, lot of work there!


Tax Tables for MYOB and Quickbooks/Reckon desktop versions, under $100

Third party updated tax tables available (click link above for further for details) are a substitute and have been tested and will work with many prior versions. They are primarily designed for those who want to continue to use their existing versions of MYOB® without the need to upgrade. It should be noted that there is nothing in your licence agreement that prevents you using 3rd party tax tables.


Pay Calculator (not ATO)

See all you need in one table! – weekly, fortnighly, monthly – enter the Annual Gross wage/salary


Handy Tax and Super Calculator (not ATO)

See all you need in one table! – weekly, fortnighly, monthly – enter the Annual Gross wage/salary

(For Annual, take the weekly gross required and x 52 to get annual amount to enter the calculator)


ATO Income Tax Rate Levels / Brackets

Individual Income Tax Rates in one table


ATO Australian Tax Office – Tax Tables – PDF’s

For the latest tax tables to download the PDF and keep a copy, or use the Tax Calculator online all from here.

Weekly Fortnightly, Monthly are under the  Regular Payments heading, half-way down.


ATO TFN Declaration Form 2016 

The new form is now downloadable and able to be edited online or printed


ATO – Tax on Entitlement Payout (Annual/Holiday Leave)

What tax to pay on Annual Leave Entitlement paid when staff resign or are terminated? (Note you do not have to payout Sick/Personal Leave balances)


Super applies to OTE – Ordinary Times Earnings

OTE – Ordinary Times Earnings Table



Vic Long Service Leave Calculator

Workcover Declarations for Emloyers online submission

Workcover – Include Contractors with Wage and Salary? – Contractors and Workers Guideline

Fairwork – 

  1. National Minimum Wage (when award or agreement doesn’t fit) 2015
  2. Pay links page
  3. Termination and Notice

Parental Leave Pay General Info

  1. Employee Steps
  2. Employer Info



MYOB Certified Consultant – Paul Humphreys

myob certified consultant bookkeeping accounting


myob certified consultant bookkeeping accounting


 – main website

Helpful links – 

  1. End of Financial Year – EOFY – help, videos and FAQs
  2. End of Financial Year Webcasts – videos
  3. Payment Summaries – EOPY – How to video PDF guide & Links to more details of each step
  4. Salary Sacrifice to repay expenses and Novated Leases
  5. Tax Tables for v19 and earlier (small commission received by AKP)
  6. Past Version Downloads
  7. MYOB Support Options
  8. Support Notes
  9. Account Right Support – note if you are considering upgrading, talk to me about AKP Bonuses, and our assistance!
  10. Community Forum
  11. Remove Items easily (even if MYOB won’t let you)
  12. AccountRight slow – Support Note 33860
  13. Kaspersky and MYOB
  14. AccountRight Report Error No Info, and Cached Files Support Note 36274
  15. Kaspersky and AVirus slowing MYOB RM
  16. Improve Network Speed – Tamworth IT


Reckon - Help



Reckon Accounts

  1. Reckon Accounts Support Options 
  2. Knowledge Browser


Reckon ONE Resources

  1. Training starts at live webinars to attend/book
    1. Next tab is Videos page –
    2. Next tab is Recorded Webinars – – (getting Started, Core Modules, Invoices, Projects (Jobs) and Bank Data Module)
  2. YouTube videos – payroll
    1. Payroll set up
    2. Process Pay Run
  3. User Support & Guide download from –
  4. Community Reckon One –  where you can search your topics at the top search box
  5. Knowledge Base (KB) – FAQs and Search links –


Xero Help

  1. Features
  2. Help Guide
  3. Videos


Note – we receive a small commission on some products above



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