Xero – Single Touch Payroll – STP – Reporting in Xero

Xero - Single Touch Payroll – STP - Reporting in Xero
Xero – Single Touch Payroll – STP – Reporting in Xero

We wrote the other week all about what Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting is about, and what the ATO tells us.

Xero is a popular accounting software for many small & medium businesses. Here is how they are preparing for STP –

From the Main Xero STP Page

How will Xero roll out STP to employers? 
We’ll roll out STP progressively from 1 July rather than switch everyone on at once. This will allow us to migrate the massive number of Xero Payroll users in the smoothest fashion possible. When it’s time for a payroll administrator to opt in to STP, a banner will appear on the pay-run screen, and you’ll be able to opt in with just a few clicks.

What about the ATO’s 1 July deadline to begin using STP?
The ATO has granted Xero subscribers a deferral until as late as 31 December 2018. We expect to have all Xero users on STP well before that date. Until Xero prompts you to make the switch, you can continue processing payroll as normal and remain fully ATO compliant without any penalty. It’s that simple.

How can employers prove to the ATO that they received a deferral, if asked?
Xero subscribers can use the ATO reference number 49410109.

When will I be prompted to make the switch?
We’ll prioritise roll-out to large employers with more than 20 staff. We’ll let you know when it’s time to make the switch with a banner on the pay-run screen. At that point, you can start filing seamlessly with the ATO.

If I begin using STP after 1 July, do I have to play catch-up in reporting to the ATO?
No. Each STP filing includes all year-to-date payroll information. This feature, along with the ATO deferral, will make for a smooth experience when you begin using STP.

Does STP cost extra in Xero?
No. STP compliance is part of the Xero product offering.

Will STP change my current payroll workflow in Xero?
The aim of our release is to ensure minimal disruption.

From the Xero Blog –

Xero will have a simple set-up process for Single Touch Payroll. During the STP setup, Xero will display your software service ID (SSID).You’ll need to provide it to the ATO in one of two ways. Either: 

Once you’re setup, the option to report a payment to the ATO will be presented for each pay run and your payroll information will be filed with the tax office.

Also, due to the filing requirements for STP, you’ll only be able to revert the latest posted pay run for each pay calendar after you’ve opted in.

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