Cash flow Tips – How we achieved steady cash flow for our client

Cash flow Tips – How we achieved steady cash flow for our client
Cash flow Tips – How we achieved steady cash flow for our client

One client was struggling – feast and famine with money coming in then drying up and bills to pay!! He couldn’t achieve steady cashflow because he was pulled with all the many tasks a growing business owner must juggle! WE have found a system that improves getting paid and is more consistent than the old traditional monthly statement and phone call method of traditional business practice.

How he was going under

One week he could get on top of who owed him what, and what he owed, then he was out of touch again within a week with calls, quotes, staff issues, client issues and so on. He’d stay up after the children and wife were in bed and it was quiet, to concentrate and get back on track – but it was making him more tired and he was being drained.

How he bit the bullet and solved the problem

  • He decided to call us back in for regular help – that would free him up to work on what he did well, and win more clients to grow his business!
  • We got all his bills to pay, nagged him to check all his emails and that all bills were emailed to our account email, and entered them in the software – about 10-15 min work – now there is a list of what is due, and when! Up to date!
  • We reconciled the bank for the last month, checked where it was at because the accountant’s office was reconciling it monthly. And checked that the last quarter was correct, as some invoices were of the same $ but remittances from clients said they paid different ones and not always the oldest! Re-did some payments, aligned the correct ones paid. Up to date!
  • We synchronized the project software with his accounts software, and checked the 2 systems had the same invoices due, by number and $ – the invoices exported into the accounts software, but unfortunately the accounts can’t update paid invoices back into the project software – hopefully this will be rectified in time! Up to date!
  • Filed all paid invoices, checking back on the bank when paid and marking clearly as paid, then put in folder alphabetically.
  • Reported on clients due – debtors – accounts receivable, in an aged report to be able to easily see what was overdue – the business had 7 day terms – of course many larger businesses ignore and still pay on 30 day cycles! There were 12 well over due, 5 just a day over due, and 10 not due as yet
  • Reminders – emailed all over due outstanding receivables with a friendly tone, and “REMINDER” at the start of the subject message so it stood out
  • System – send reminders FORTNIGHLY – not monthly! It’s too long and people forget! And for those well over due – WEEKLY email reminders


  • Over 3 weeks the old 12 outstanding accounts were up to date except 1!
  • Only 1 client needed to be called after several reminders, excuses, requests for invoices again by accounts – the usual delay tactics that indicate possible cashflow issues!
  • Regular clients realised we were on to them straight after the 7 days due!
  • 70-80% now pay before, on time, or a day or two after the time due!
  • Client has regular income to cover expenses
  • Client is sleeping better and serving prospective and new clients with more enthusiasm and energy!
  • Low costs – all this weekly for under a few hundred dollars!!!
  • Peace of mind with professionals handling what they can do very well!

Need help? Not sure? Call for FREE 30min advice / strategy session today!

0407 361 596 Aust

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Email or call 0407 361 596 Australia

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