Business Tax Tips – Reducing Red tape in Australia

Business Tax Tips – Reducing Red Tape In Australia
Reducing Red Tape In Australia

Did you know there is a current 4 year plan where the ATO is working hard at reducing red tape in Australia for tax payers?

The ATO says at Reducing red tape Reforms to the Australian Taxation Office

In the 2015–16 Budget, the Government announced it will provide funding over four years to deliver an improved experience for clients in their dealings with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Red tape will be reduced and future administrative savings delivered through investment in three foundational initiatives: a digital by default service for provision of information and making payments, improvements to data and analytics infrastructure and enhancing streamlined income tax returns through the my Tax system for taxpayers with more complex tax affairs.

The package of service improvements supports the Government’s commitment to reduce red tape and forms part of the Government’s digital transformation agenda.

This measure delivers on the Government’s election commitment.

Click for links with information on the legislation

A detailed website on tracking the initiative is  – It says –

The Government has committed to reducing the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations by at least $1 billion a year. An important part of this commitment is the development of a Framework to review the performance of Commonwealth regulators.

This Framework isn’t just for regulators. It will benefit business and the community, including individuals. Find out more.

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