Reckon/Quickbooks – Accounts Hosted and PC – How to set up and use ABA files to pay creditors – simplify!

Reckon/Quickbooks – Accounts Hosted and PC - How to change the email message for sales invoices
Reckon/Quickbooks – Accounts Hosted and PC – How to change the email message for sales invoices

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Here is the procedure of how to set up and use ABA files to pay creditors (For Reckon Hosted and some recent Quickbooks versions) –

Before you can prepare an electronic payment file, you need to complete the following steps.

First – Set Up the a bank account in R for Online Banking

  1. Open the bank account you wish to enable for online banking
  • Go to the Lists menu, and click Chart of Accounts. The Chart of Accounts opens.
  • Select the bank account you want to enable, right-click and then select Edit Account. The account details open ready for you to edit.
  1. Click the Online Bank Details
  2. Click to select the Online Account Access check box. R makes a number of fields that relate to online banking active. Enter mandatory information about the online bank account set up with your bank.

Complete the following details:

  • Click the Financial Institution drop-down arrow and select the bank. This may take a few seconds to process.
  • Enter the code in the Branch Code field to identify the branch for the financial institution. This code is known in Australia as a BSB number.
  • Enter the account number in the Account Number
  • Click the Account Type drop-down arrow and select the type of account.
    You may choose cheque, savings, credit card, money market or line of credit.
  • Click to select Include Balance Record if you want to include a balance record for online banking files (ABA format) that you generate. This applies if you plan to pay employees or suppliers by generating online banking files (ABA format) in Reckon. Most banks require online banking files to include a balance record within the ABA file format. You should check with your financial institution first.
  • Enter an APCA number in the APCA number field for this account if it is different from the Default APCA number for your company. The APCA number entered in account details always overrides the default APCA number entered in company banking preferences for all online banking transactions using this account.
  1. Click Save & Close.

Second – Set up Suppliers and Employees for Online Banking

Updating Suppliers:

  1. Go to the Suppliers Centre then >Suppliers Tab >
  2. >Double Click a Supplier
  3. >Bank Details Tab >Enter Account Name (of Supplier), their Bank Account Number, Bank Name, Branch Code (BSB eg 083245, 6 digits) OK
  4. Repeat for all suppliers to be paid using ABA files, or that supply a bank account to pay (not Bpay suppliers usually)

Third  – Process Transactions and Create Online Banking File

Pay Bills

This involves processing transactions as normal, but at the Pay Bills window, Reckon should identify payments set up for banking online and have those ready to include when creating an online banking file. So ensure at the bottom the bank you set up for ABA id=s selected, and next to that the Payment Method is “Bank Online”. Finish transaction with Pay Selected Bills. Then Pay more Bills for the next suppliers to pay or Done to finish.

Create an online banking file:

  1. Go to the Online Banking Centre: > (top menu) Banking menu and click Online Banking Centre.
  2. Scroll to the section To Bank (at bottom).
  3. Choose the date you want the payment to be made, using the calendar from the Date to be Processed field or today’s date as defaults.
  4. Enter a payment description eg Creditors or Bills or Pays. If no payment description is entered, a description of “payment” will display in the ABA file by default.
  5. Tick payees from the list. Each payee must have a bank account defined for them under their employee or supplier record. This includes details for Bank Account Name, Number and Branch Code. In addition, employees must have an employee number.
  6. Click Preview ABA File if you wish to review the ABA file before creating it.
  7. Click Create ABA File. Reckon displays the standard Windows Save As dialog box with *.ABA entered in the file name at the end.
  8. Enter a name for the online banking file (leaving the .ABA) and choose a location to save it, such as desktop. Reckon provides a default folder within the installation directory called Export Files/ ABA Files. You may choose to save the ABA file in this directory, or in any other directory of your choice.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Your ABA file is now ready for upload to the relevant financial institution.
  11. Follow their online instructions to upload a payment file.

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