Business Tip – Eight Productivity Tips

Business Tip – Eight Productivity Tips
Eight Productivity Tips


Lucinda Lyons gives eight productivity tips that she found made some days freakishly productive as she wrote in Flying Solo.

Recently I isolated eight things I do on the days when I’m freakishly productive. Here’s my list.

I keep my home office tidy

When my home office is clean and uncluttered, so too is my brain; I’m clear about the tasks I need to complete and I’m motivated to complete them.

I write down my daily list of tasks

A list keeps me organised and on track, and ticking things off gives me a huge sense of achievement, which further feeds my productivity.

I write down an overall goal every morning

A list keeps me organised and on track, but it also gives me a huge sense of achievement, which further feeds my productivity. When I write down my goal at the start of the day it makes an enormous difference to my focus and productivity. For example, if my goal is: I will work with three new clients by the end of the month, then everything I do for that month (consciously and subconsciously) moves me towards that goal.

I finish what I start

This is a biggie for me. On the days when I’m most productive I actually finish every task that I start before moving on to the next one. By having this ‘completion mindset’ I’m programmed to just get in and get things done.

I work in my zone

Where possible, I think it’s important for people to work in their most productive ‘zone’. For me, this is usually early in the morning until around midday. I work outside these hours too, but I’m usually less productive.

I try to stay mentally alert

If my mind gets fuzzy, so too does my cranial output. To stay mentally alert I often use the Pomodoro technique – a great time management method that also boosts productivity.

I reduce distractions

When I need to focus I will usually shut down my email programs and the internet, put my phone on silent and close my door. Distractions are poison for productivity.

I’m accountable to someone

If I have a lot of tasks that I really need/want to get done, I’ll be accountable to my partner and I’ll set myself a consequence. For example If I don’t get my tasks done I usually agree to scratch his meandering back itch for five minutes! It helps me focus if my productivity slips during the day.

What are your productivity tips?

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