MYOB – Tidy up for Professional Statements and Invoices

If you have the text “Printed from MYOB at the bottom of your statements and invoices, then it is a simple matter to remove them. And while you are at it, learn how to improve their look by moving the boxes that have text and data to align to window envelopes and look more appealing overall.

HOW In MYOB Account Right go to the Sales Command Centre or from the top Menu > Set up > Customise Forms and choose which group you want to do, eg Statements (You can also customise Purchase Orders and Payslips if you have Payroll the same way as below). Select the form in the group you want to customise in the Form to Customise field and click Customise. The Customise […] window appears.

Remove the “Printed from MYOB…” by clicking the text and the box will be highlighted (scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the words). Hit the keyboard Delete button. It should disappear.

Other parts –  To see a video of customizing, go to

Note: This post relates to the latest AccountRight range of products (2011 and later). For “Classic” AccountRight versions, such as AccountRight v19, as well as MYOB Accounting, Accounting Plus, and Premier, see our support note Customising forms. Our support note Customising forms in earlier versions relates to earlier MYOB versions, including BusinessBasics. BusinessBasics users can also find information on customising forms in their BusinessBasics user guide. Our support note Customising forms in AccountEdge covers form customisation for AccountEdge software.

Upgraded from AccountRight v19 or earlier?  You can easily migrate your customised forms into the new AccountRight.

You can customise the look and content of most forms in AccountRight. You can also change the form size, add text labels, draw lines and boxes, insert graphics, move fields, and more. Then you can save your customised stationery so that you can select it when you send a form.

About the Customise window –

MYOB – Tidy up for Professional Statements and Invoices

Note: Cheques have two parts  A cheque form has two parts: the cheque itself and the stub. You customise the cheque and the stub separately. For more information, see Customising cheques.

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