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MYOB – How to Adjust Wrong Holiday and Sick Leave Accruing while an Employee is on Unpaid Leave

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MYOB – How to Adjust Wrong Holiday and Sick Leave Accruing while an Employee is on Unpaid Leave

MYOB – How to Adjust Wrong Holiday and Sick Leave Accruing while an Employee is on Unpaid Leave

Person emailed  “We have an employee who has been accruing annual leave and personal leave while they are on unpaid leave and I don’t how to adjust the hours accrued. Do I delete the hours at the next pay run?”

Solution  The MYOB system accrues leave for employees based on the set up of the Entitlement Categories that they are selected on. Therefore is seems that payroll is being processed for this employee during this period causing the Entitlement category to trigger the accruals. Is a paycheque with zero amounts being created each pay run?

You can simply tick OFF that employee in the list when you do a pay run, as a paycheque is not required! Also check the Calculation Basis on the accruals – for more see Entitlement categories that the employee has turned on for them.

To adjust accruals, get an Entitlement Summary and Detail Report for the Year to Date Entitlement amount so you know the balance, and also the number of weeks and total the extra to be adjusted is. Then simply do a paycheque with a NEGATIVE at the accruals lines for Holiday and Sick, no gross  wages and super (the cheque will be zero and say yes when you save it, to create a “Void” cheque. For more detail to adjust any incorrect accruals for the employee, follow the instructions on this Support Note – Adjusting Leave Accruals.

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