MYOB – Year End Support to Prepare Your Books for YE14!

MYOB – Year End Support to Prepare Your Books for YE14!
MYOB – Year End Support to Prepare Your Books for YE14!

MYOB have a huge amount of resources to assist you in better books for your accountant, but more importantly for you to have an accurate set of books to UNDERSTAND and  gain INSIGHT to MANAGE your business BETTER! Your books and accounts are a treasure-trove of information that tell you about the health of your business and what areas you can work on to improve your business financial results!

The MYOB End of Financial Year page is where you begin. The resources include –

Trending Topics

Since 2013, MYOB are trying some things to help make business life easier. From listening to client feedback, we’re producing videos and support notes that help explain some of the areas you’ve told us you need help with. This will be a growing list, and all based on your feedback so we hope you find it useful!

Step-by-step EOFY guide for your software

At the end of the financial year there are a number of important tasks you need to perform to check the accuracy and completeness of your business data. MYOB has prepared a checklist to take you through these tasks to simplify your end of financial year process.

The checklist is customised to the MYOB software that you’re using. Simply enter your serial number or select your product and version from the list on the site page

Tax changes information

A series of essential topics covered including –

The ATO recommendation you can’t afford to miss talks about the ATO letter sent to employers about changes to the tax tables and super, as well as SBR reporting and the future MYOB update coming.
A handy EOFY checklist for small business owners 
When are my GST and BAS deadlines for EOFY?

First time employers, don’t miss these payroll deadlines 
Year-end tax planning for small businesses

Other helpful Tax time whitepapers –

Getting the Compliance Update

You’re entitled to the latest compliance update if you have:

You will be able to download the current update directly from Updates within the MYOB software in many versions see Answer ID 32270

Get a FREE 30 min answer to your query, and FREE ongoing email or phone support – No-one offers as much! Call and you also get FREE “Avoid these GST mistakes” – There’s 18 that the Tax Office see regularly – Get them right! Email or call 0407 361 596 Australia

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