Reckon/Quickbooks – How To Print Address Labels And What Are The Options Available?


Reckon/Quickbooks – How To Print Address Labels And What Are The Options Available?
Reckon/Quickbooks – How To Print Address Labels And What Are The Options Available?

You can print mailing labels from any or all of these lists:

  • Customers & Jobs Note: You can print labels or cards for customer names on your Customers & Jobs list, but not for specific jobs on the list.
  • Supplier
  • Employee
  • Other Names

Here’s how to find out what options are available to print address labels in Reckon/Quickbooks

  • Make sure that your printer is on and that the sheets for the labels or cards are properly loaded in the printer.
  • Go to the File menu, choose Print Forms and then click Labels.
  • Choose the names you want to appear on the labels. Drop down the list and choose Customer, Supplier, Employee or select Multiple names and tick off individual names specifically
  • (Optional) You can target your mailing to a specific geographic area, by specifying a particular Post Code or group of Post Codes to print. To do this, select the with Post Codes that start with checkbox and enter the Post Code (or partial Post Code) that you want to use to limit your printing. You can choose part of a code eg 20 or 200 for all codes that start with that, or full postcode, but NOT multiple codes at once
  •  (Optional) To sort the labels or cards by Post Code, click the Sort By drop-down list and choose Post Code. Otherwise, Reckon Accounts sorts the labels or cards alphabetically by name.

Important: For the Post code sort to work, the last line of addresses must contain only the city, state, post code, and country (if necessary). The comma after the city name is optional.

  • (Optional) If you want each customer’s shipping address to appear on the labels, select the Print Ship To addresses where available checkbox. Otherwise, Reckon Accounts prints the billing address. Also choose to include Inactive Names or Jobs
  • Click OK.
  • Check that the Label Format setting is correct in the Print Window – check the printer. Drop down the  “Label Format” and choose which Avery Format.

Important: Only the label numbers shown in bold appear on the drop-down list when you select a label format. The other label numbers listed are equivalents to one of the bold label numbers. For example, if you use Avery label # 7651B, select 7651 when you set up your printer for printing mailing labels.

Number   on list Avery equivalents Columns,
# per page
7651 8160
5 columns
13 labels
7160 8161
3 columns
7 labels
7162 8162
2 columns
8 labels
7163 8163
2 columns
7 labels
7164 8163
3 columns
4 labels
  • Click Print.

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