Reckon/Quickbooks – Combine Multiple Company Reports


Reckon/Quickbooks – Combine Multiple Company Reports
Reckon/Quickbooks – Combine Multiple Company Reports

Do you have multiple companies with data stored in separate Reckon/QuickBooks files, and need to consolidate reports? Do you know how to combine each company data in one report? Some versions of Reckon/QuickBooks (eg Enterprise xxxx) have a built-in feature designed with this task in mind. The Combine Reports from Multiple Companies feature will enable you to create reports that combine the Balance Sheets, or Profit and loss, Statements of Cashflows and more. The combined data is exported as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and you can further manipulate as required.

This applies to Reckon/QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

  1. Launch QuickBooks and open a QuickBooks file from the first company with which you want to work.
  2. Click “Reports” on the main menu and select “Combine Reports from Multiple Companies.”
  3. Click “Add Files,” locate the second company file, select it and then click the “Open” button.
  4. Select the reports for which you want to view combined information. Available reports are listed in the Select Reports For Combining section.
  5. Enter the date range you want to use in the From and To fields, respectively.
  6. Click your desired report basis.
  7. Click “Combine Reports in Excel” to display the combined report from the two companies in a spreadsheet.

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