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MYOB – Exporting lost data from a backup after setting up on new computer

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MYOB – Exporting lost data from a backup after setting up on new computer

MYOB – Exporting lost data from a backup after setting up on new computer

Question – Had a call that 7 days of data had been lost when a new computer was set up, MYOB software loaded and the company datafile copied over (an earlier backup was restored instead of one made today). Was there a way to copy or export the missing data and bring it into the company file on the new computer?
Answer – Yes the missing data can be exported and then imported in the new copy on the new computer.
In the former company with the extra data, go to – File >Export and select what to export and the date range
In the new company file missing the data, BACK IT UP FIRST
Then go to – File >Import and select the type etc, follow the steps.
CAUTION – Importing can cause problems and a lot of mess so take it slowly and carefully! Certain transactions CANNOT be exported/imported – eg payroll, pay bills, receive payments, which will all need to be re-entered in the new company file.
MYOB creates an information file that will tell you about transactions NOT imported due to errors, and all the rest are imported.
Study carefully and check the import text file contents before importing. Open the file in excel and check each entry. This is the only way you will pick up things like a mixed date issue.
Note: When you import you have an add/reject/update duplicates option. Sometimes this is best set to add, sometimes reject, sometimes update depending on what exactly you are importing.
Importing journals is normally only used for general journals and transfers (as no customer/supplier card is attached).

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