Reckon Account Right (formerly Quickbooks) – Manage Receivables with the Payment Snapshot

To save time, and jumping between several screens, consider using the Company Snapshot.

Go in the top menu to Company, Company Snapshot and click the Payments tab. This customisable screen consists of several parts, arranged in three columns for easy viewing:

  • There are Quick Links to move to screens that let you receive a payment, create a sales receipt or issue credits and refunds.
  • A graph displays Invoice Payment Status and next to that the A/R by Aging Period for different financial periods
  • A link to summary and detail views of several Receivables Reports
  • Lists of Recent Transactions and Customers Who Owe Money, which you can “drill down” on to see the underlying records and transactions
  • Reminders of Money to Deposit and Overdue Invoices
  • A summary of key reports in the middle – Receivables Reports
Reckon Account Right (formerly Quickbooks) – Manage Receivables with the Payment Snapshot
Manage Receivables with the Payment Snapshot

Like many screens in QuickBooks, the Payment Snapshot is customizable. To modify, click the Add Content link in the upper left corner. Under Add content to your Payment Snapshot, you’ll see miniature pictures of each possible element on the Payment Snapshot page (scroll sideways using the green arrows to see all of them).

Click the + Add button next to each chart, list or set of links to display it on the Payment Snapshot page.

If you want to see a larger version, click Show Preview. If a particular element is already showing on the page, the + Add button will be have a checkmark with Added next to it. To remove one, just click the X in the upper right corner of that section. Click the down arrow to save or print, Restore Default to go back to the original screen, or click Done when you’ve finished modifying.

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