MYOB – 2 Live Products In The Cloud – Which Do I Need?


MYOB – 2 Live Products In The Cloud – Which Do I Need?
MYOB – 2 Live Products In The Cloud – Which Do I Need?

MYOB offers 2 “Live” or “In The Cloud” accounting software products – Live Accounts and Account Right Live – similar names but suited for different needs. Jason Hill in the MYOB Community Forum, explains some of the differences between the 2 products and who they suit in terms of business requirements and size.
Live Accounts and AccountRight Live offer similar features, including anywhere-anytime access, bank feeds, multi-user capability, 24/7 support and live access for business advisors. But there are also a few key differences you should consider before deciding which product is right for you.
Live Accounts
Live Accounts is a great choice if you want the accounts done quickly so you can get on with life. It offers easy online accounting for less than $1 a day.
Live Accounts is ideal for small businesses:
• With straightforward accounting needs
This is an online accounting solution ideal for start-ups and small businesses with simple processes. It’s for business owners who just want quick and simple invoicing, GST and payroll.
• With limited accounting knowledge
You’re not interested in tailoring reports and manipulating data – you just want something easy to use, without all the accounting jargon, so you can get on with other more important things.
• New to accounting software
Maybe you’ve been getting by using a spreadsheet, or a pile of invoices and expenses to manage the business. You might even feel you’re not big enough to use an accounting package. Live Accounts is a great place to start.
(and two more features given)
AccountRight Live
AccountRight Live is fully-featured accounting on the desktop, cloud, or both. AccountRight Live is great if you want full visibility of your accounts and processes, and the ability to make changes as your business grows.
AccountRight Live is for businesses that:
• Want the freedom to choose
This is a next generation cloud accounting solution that gives business owners the choice of doing the accounting on the desktop, in the cloud or both. It’s cloud accounting without compromise – download your software and access your accounts, inventory and payroll from any internet connected PC in any location.
• Are growing
AccountRight Live is fully-featured and flexible accounting software for managing GST requirements, job costing, time billing, inventory, payroll and more. Because it’s so flexible, it’s easy to move up the range and add extra features as your business grows and changes.
• Want the full picture
A Business Insights Dashboard and detailed reporting functionality provide a daily snapshot of profits and performance, empowering you with the essential information you need to make informed business decisions.
• Enjoy customisation
Tailor reports and forms, or manipulate data as you choose.
Create or change existing reports to view only the information you need, customise reports, set goals and measure progress with budget, job and categories options.
(and more points given)

Go to the article and get a brochure on each to compare more for yourself – GO HERE

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