Reckon Account Right (formerly Quickbooks) – Compulsory recording of super payment on payslips

Compulsory recording of super payment on payslips
Compulsory recording of super payment on payslips

There is a new requirement to include the Super Payment Date on payslips, as announced in the Government Budget in May 2011. It is now a legal requirement from 1st July 2013.

To record Reckon 2013-2014 Account Right (formerly Quickbooks in Australia) the compulsory recording of super payment (expected payment date) on payslips, we need to add a field to the payslip.

To show the Super Payment Date (when you expect to pay) on a Payslip you will need to do the following:

1. Activate the Super Payment Date feature;

a. Edit > Preferences > Payroll & Employees > Company Preferences;

b. Tick the box Super Payment Date on Payslip;

c. Click OK.

2. Manually Insert the Super Payment Date when you are processing payroll (have to remember to do):

a. Pay Employees > Enter Payroll Information

b. Now enter the date you expect the super contributions to be received by the Super Funds in the Super Payment Date (expected on or before) box;

c. Complete the pay process.

3. The Super Payment Date appears towards the top of the payslip, its exact position depending on the payslip style.

Note – The Quicken Custom Payslip doesn’t include the Super Payment Date. Users of this template will need to create a Custom Template and add the Super Payment Date field.

Note – All users with customised templates will need to add a new field super Payment date:

1. Lists > Templates > open your customised template > Layout Designer;

2. Right-click on the template > Add > Data Field

3. Select Super Payment Date > OK

4. Move the boxes to the desired location

5. Format the boxes: Right-click > Font > Select Style and Font > OK;

6. OK and OK to close.

See more at – click on What information must be included on the pay slip?

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2 thoughts on “Reckon Account Right (formerly Quickbooks) – Compulsory recording of super payment on payslips

  1. are you sure about this as the ATO website says differently (or maybe I have it wrong) but I found this wording on the ATO website today Mon 8th July 2013: Proposed payslip changes

    The government has proposed changes to how employers report super contribution information on an employee’s payslip.

    The requirements for payslips are still being finalised and no change is necessary for 1 July 2013.

    The government is expected to make a further announcement to confirm the payslip reporting requirements and advise a new commencement date.

    We will provide updates on this website as information becomes available.


    1. Thank you Lisa – The ATO site dated 19th June 2013 is as you stated – Fairwork site dated 14th March 2013 states that information must be included in payslips (as per link given).
      The question is: “Who is correct?”
      “Who has more precedence? Fairwork or ATO?”
      Both MYOB & Reckon have support notes to prepare payslips, maybe it’s better to set them up ready – to be on the safe side.


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