Quickbooks – Staff Time on Client Work and Invoicing the Client

Quickbooks - Staff Time on Client Work and Invoicing the Client
Quickbooks – Staff Time on Client Work and Invoicing the Client

Do you and staff work by the hour for work on jobs? Here is how you can easily include those payroll expenses/time on invoices.

It’s also known as Payroll-tracking and is easier when everyone is salaried.

GO to Employees > Enter Time >Time/Enter Single activity, or click the down arrow next to the Enter Time icon on the home page.

The window opens.

Click > calendar icon and select the date the work was performed > click the down arrows in the fields next to (employee) Name, Customer: Job, Service Item and Class (if required). To enter more info, enter it in the Notes box.

Enter > the hours and minutes in the Duration field with the length of time worked that day. In the office you can use the Start, Stop and Pause buttons to time their billable sessions on that client’s work

If these hours can be billed back to a client, tick the box next to Billable in the top right hand corner.

Integration with Invoices

GO to create an invoice for that customer, and QB detects billable time, so a box will appear after you’ve selected his or her name from the drop-down list:

Choose “Select the outstanding…” and click OK, then the Choose Billable Time and Costs window will open.

Click next to every instance of time that should appear on the invoice.

If have several, you can choose to combine all of the instances that share the same service item, by clicking the Options button to open the next window:

Click > “Combine activities….”

Click > OK, and the invoice window will open again, and the time-related items will be listed.

If required, add other line items.

Save the invoice.

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