MYOB – How Many Companies/Data Files Can I Create?

MYOB – How many companies/data files can I create?
MYOB – How many
companies/data files
can I create?

You’ve been asked to do the accounts for the sporting club (not for profit) and was wondering if you can use the MYOB disc on a separate laptop as well as have your business on our PC. If the laptop doesn’t arise can you use your existing MYOB on the PC and have 2 companies set up on it?

Account Right V19 and prior were licensed for 5 company files (attached to your serial number), whereas a new AR2013 licence comes with one company file (or you can purchase more). If you have a 5 company file licence, you can do either option you give without any licensing problems – install application on laptop or create a new company file on PC. Be careful to ensure you are using the correct company file and backups should be saved to 2 different folders to ensure you don’t mix them up.

MYOB monitors licensing via the company file rather than the MYOB application. Each company file gets a File ID allocated to it. Remember after a new file is created, you will need to activate it within 30 days.

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4 thoughts on “MYOB – How Many Companies/Data Files Can I Create?

  1. Warren Jayawardene July 21, 2017 — 9:06 am


    I am using AR 2017.1. Based on what you have said, does that mean that I can use AR Plus with one company licence and create many company data files and use the one licence to operate them all?



    1. HI Warren – you can only have ONE company with version AR 2017.1. Multiple companies were allowed in earlier versions with MYOB Cover subscriptions, such as prior v19 – not any more sorry! That was changed by MYOB. Thanks for visiting! Paul


  2. why would anyone buy MYOB? It is pathetic to let them control how many company files you have when you already paid for the software


    1. Hi Ken, thank you for reading and commenting!

      Yes with new subscriptions there is only one company – the same as Xero, Reckon One, MYOB Essentials (online) and Account Right which has the option for desktop OR online. If you were a subscriber before about 5-10 yrs ago (to confirm with MYOB) you still have your multiple company ability, but still only one company online in the cloud – need to check direct with MYOB about your status, and the current position with MYOB.

      If have found software depends on personal preference – one like one, another doesn’t and likes another brand – it is best to test a couple, or get a demo and hands-on feel, such as we are doing this fRiday for some clients 🙂


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