Quickbooks – Version 2013 – Appearance and Changes – What do you think?


Quickbooks – Version 2013 – Appearance and Changes
Quickbooks – Version 2013
Appearance and Changes

The 2013 has been out for a while and like all things, some like it some don’t. There has been time to consider the changes, so how are you finding it? Comment below!

Here are some of the changes –

  1. Home Page and Icon Bar – there are small changes, especially the icon bar on the left – you have limited options for change, and you can’t remove the “Do more with Quickbooks” section nor change it, but you can minimize it – click the arrow at the top of the pane. The icons are now grey and can’t be changed either. You can use the top icon bar – turn on by going to View > Open Windows List.
  2. Font Increases and spacing on forms, such as Invoices – ensure you use full screen to see more if you find you are scrolling up and down. There is more area at the top of the invoice, and the bill and ship-to areas are smaller, as well as new light grey and small text at the bottom and other areas – do you find these hard to read?
  3. Ribbon tool bar to assist in forms – eg Invoices. Note that the ribbon now contains some commands that were accessed by Right-Click – see them in the ribbon now
  4. Desk-top colour cannot be changed and the company is looking at whether to re-introduce. In earlier 2012 and before versions, change colour as follows – >Edit >Preferences >Desktop View >My Preferences >Colour Scheme >choose the colour you want.

Leave a comment about your experiences with 2013 – share the conversation!

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