Quickbooks – Online Freezing Using Citrix XenApp


Quickbooks – Online Freezing Using Citrix XenApp
Quickbooks – Online Freezing Using Citrix XenApp

Finding your online hosted Quickbooks freezes at times? And does it eventually go to “Not Responding” Mode? And you need to use Task Manager to exit? And when you try to login again you have to log-off the users from the XenApp?

Some possible solutions from the Citrix forum –

Make sure the Latest rollup pack is Installed on the XenApp server. This behaviour will occur in certain cases like:

1. When the concurrent logon limit to the server is high;

2. Network congestion;

3. Windows updates also will cause issues some times, install MS updates from CTX129229 if relevant;

4. Check if this is happening over ica or from rdp as well. try to rdp to the server from one test user and check;

5. If the app is there in multiple servers , check if it is same from all servers or not. co relate the installation and registry with working server for app;

6. Try to give user server desktop through citrix and give a try;

7. One you kill the app process check which process are holding the session on the console/user-session/process;

8. Check if the server resources like cpu and ram usage normal time and while hung check if any process with hung user name is consuming resources;

9. Try to run a process monitor during off hours and test with one user and check what happening on server when the session is Hung – this will consume time, But it helped me in many situations;

10. Update HRP01 for XenApp 6.5.

To read the post go HERE

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