MYOB – Annual Leave is Negative – Staff is Leaving – How do I enter the timesheet and get rid of negative leave?

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Client emailed – Hope this is a quick question for you with an easy solution….We have an employee who has worked with us for only 5 weeks and he is leaving. The issue I have is that we had a quiet week and all staff had a week annual leave…he is in negative 26.6, he wants to dock his pay from last week. And get paid the difference but how do I enter his timesheet for the week and get rid of the -26.6 in annual leave???

Ok, it means he OWES you 26.6 hours, and you owe some normal hours and we work out the difference/net due.

And if a normal week is 38 hr, you pay him 38-26.6 = 11.4 to pay.

The way to enter in Timesheets in MYOB is to:

  • Enter all the regular hours each day across the week to base hourly (or payroll category)
  • Tick the white arrow left of the employee name and go to Payroll Details, then wages and tick on Unused Holiday Leave (or create if not there), click OK
  • Back in the Timesheet start another line and enter -26.6 hours to “Unused Holiday (or Annual) Leave” payroll category
  • This should give a Total hours at the bottom of the timesheet table as 11.40 due
  • Click OK and then do the pay run.

Normally we enter all regular wages so the employee record and entitlements are up to date.

  • Before starting another pay run to finalise the Entitlement Payout, we print the Entitlement Balance for that employee, under Payroll in Reports.
  • Then, when there are holiday hours left we should go to the employee card and tick (or create) “Unused Holiday Leave”.
  • Start a new pay run and allocate/pay those hours to that new category, then finish the pay run.
  • This will leave the hours against the Holiday Leave Accrual account still.
  • Then after the pay run, go to the employee card and put a Termination Date in at the Payroll Details tab section and enter the last working day.
  • You will get a warning that this will clear ALL entitlement balances.. click OK

So for your case, as for the -26.6 accrued, they will still be there, but when you enter the Termination Date, they will be cleared out to zero.

You have dealt with them by deducting off the regular hours to pay.

If that hasn’t answered your query, let me know.

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