MYOB – Depreciation – What Do I Enter – Assets, the Calculation

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MYOB – Depreciation – What do I Enter?

Client asked: Do I enter each depreciating item individually or as one lump sum for the year or month?”

Answer: Yes, as you pay for an item over $1000 (in 2012-2013 year, over $5000) you pay it from the bank or credit card or loan, then allocate to your Plant & Equip or Furniture & Fixtures (as appropriate) asset accounts.

Use the CAP Tax Code (best to set up CAP as the default tax code for those accounts so it comes up automatically – one less thing to remember). Then the amount will be in the CAP part of the GST reports, to be reported at G10 Capital Purchases.

Keep all asset invoices in a folder/file for the year, then at year-end the asset accounts can be printed for 1/7 to 30/6 and then give them to the accountant – many want to check and then they add them to your asset register.

Then they will calculate the depreciation and you will get the amount in your year end reports, and some accountants give you a journal to align your accounts and raise the Depreciation.

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