MYOB Premier – “Payroll Incomplete..load your tax tables” 19.7 Compliance update and Tax Tables from earlier versions 19.5 or earlier

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You keep getting the following message – “You must install the compliance update to change your version to v19.7 before you can load the new tax tables.”  Please go to the Help Menu > About Account Right screen.  If this screen doesn’t say 19.7, then you need to update immediately to be able to process payroll correctly.

If you are using 19.5 or before you will have to upgrade to 19.6 before you can run the 19.7 update.  You can also download the full installer for 19.7 in a .zip file, however, you have to uninstall the previous V19 installation before installing 19.7.

You can download your update from one of the following 3 options:
1) Help menu > Updates > Register for Updates (need just your Serial Number – from: Set Up>Company Details) then again Help menu > Updates > Check for Updates, wait for a window to appear, see if you get the Compliance green message, tick it and click “Instal” in the lower part of the screen

2) Enter your serial number at

3) Log into the self service portal at and go to My Products > My Downloads to download the correct update or installer.

If after you installed Account Right premier v19.7 and load tax table, tax table revision is 1/07/2012 but the following message keeps displaying:

MYOB Quickbooks Bookkeeping - MYOB Premier – 19.7 Compliance update and Tax Tables from earlier versions 19.5 or earlier
MYOB v19.7 & Earlier Versions

Are you getting – “The setup for payroll is incomplete. The next step is to load your tax tables.” with Premier?

If you are receiving this message, it means 1 of two things:

1) Not all of your computers are using v19.7, please make sure that each computer has v19.7 showing in the Help menu > About Account Right screen.

2) That on at least one of your computers, the user does not have Full Access to the C:\Premier19\ folder, and all files contained inside of it.  Please ensure that all users of Premier have sufficient user privileges for the installation folder, or consult with your IT support person to have sufficient privileges added to the relevant accounts.

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