MYOB MAC AccountEdge – Data file will not open and I lost my Installer Disk

MYOB MAC Account Edge – Data file will not open and I lost my installer disk
Data file will not open and I lost my installer disk

Caller ProblemI am having trouble with the AccountEdge data files – they will not open.

Possible Solutions – There could be a couple of reasons the data file won’t open, so here are some steps to try:

  1. This usually happens when the file name is too long or the file name has become corrupted. Try going to the location where your company file is located and click the file one time so it’s highlighted. Then go to “File” at your top menu bar and choose “Get Info”. Under “Name and Extension” try shortening the file name so if it’s called clare-tempest2010.myo try changing it to something like clare-tempest10.myo. After doing that close the “Get Info” window. Open the file you just renamed and you should no longer get the error.
  2. Try renaming the file to something slightly different and see if that makes a difference, usually that fixes the error message.
  3. If still won’t open, after re-naming (shortening or changing part) re-start your computer.
  4. Another option you can try is to go in the Accountedge folder and try using the optimization assistant to optimize the company file.Admin Functions.
  5. Another thing to try – make sure there were no users on (easy — no one could login), then use Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor to find and force-quit the “AccountEdge NE” and “FileConnect” processes. Then re-launch AccountEdge.

How did you go? Please come back and comment on what step(s) you found worked for you.

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