Quickbooks – Upgrade and the new ATO Payroll Tax Tables for Year 2012-2013

Quickbooks Bookkeeping - Quickbooks - Upgrade and the new ATO Payroll Tax Tables for Year 2012-2013
Quickbooks Upgrade tax tables

The next tax year brings a number of legislative changes, especially with Payroll Tax Tables.

Some of the key changes taking effect on 1 July, 2012, include the removal of the Flood Levy and a new Tax-Free Threshold, which result in new Tax Tables for the 2012/13 Financial Year, as well as revised Leave Loading taxation arrangements.

Below you will find information about when the 2012/13 compliance updates for the new financial year will be made available and when to install them.

Scheduled release dates for 2012/13 Financial Year compliance updates

QuickBooks Hosted 2012/13 – 28 June 2012
QuickBooks 2012/13 Desktop versions – 28 June 2012
Payroll Premier 2012/13 – 26 June 2012

When to Install

After you have run your last Payroll in the 2011/12 Financial Year, and before you run your first payroll in the 2012/13 Financial Year.

Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE

Your 2011/12 Financial Year Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE file may be prepared before or after the 2012/13 Financial Year compliance update is installed.

If preparing Payment Summaries and EMPDUPE files prior to installing the compliance update, you must be using one of the following software releases:

  • QuickBooks Hosted 2011/12 R2
  • QuickBooks Hosted 2012/13 R1
  • QuickBooks Plus, Pro, Premier or Enterprise 2011/12 R2
  • QuickBooks Plus, Pro, Premier or Enterprise 2012/13 R1
  • Payroll Premier 2011/12

How to get the compliance update

From the release dates shown above:

  • QuickBooks Hosted subscribers will see a link to QuickBooks Hosted 2012/13 R3, which includes the compliance update, when you login to the QuickBooks Hosted servers.
  • QuickBooks Advantage members and QuickBooks Annual Licence holders will be emailed a link to download the QuickBooks 2012/13 Service Pack 1.
  • Payroll Premier Advantage members and Payroll Premier Annual Licence holders will be mailed your Payroll Premier 2012/13 upgrades.

No Advantage Cover? – You won’t be able to purchase payroll tax tables separately from Quickbooks. 

If you require assistance, give us a call! 0407 361 596 Aust (overseas drop 0 and add +61). We are here to help!

And see more great detail on the Quickbooks blog – http://online.reckon.com.au/Blog/tabid/124/EntryId/28/It-s-almost-Tax-Time-again.aspx

2 thoughts on “Quickbooks – Upgrade and the new ATO Payroll Tax Tables for Year 2012-2013

  1. we have advantage payroll premier. Can you supply tax tables 2014-2015?


    1. Thank you for your question – if you have Advantage, you will be eligible for the new tax tables as part of your support with Advantage! You should have received an email and link with instructions. Here is the link Or you should have a login to access the new download. Call Reckon 1800 RECKON (Toll-free 1800 732 566)
      , email customerservice@reckon.com.au. If I haven’t answered your question, call me and I will try to get things happening 0407 361 596, Paul.


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