MYOB – Supplier set up as Customer, but can’t correct it – how can I change it?

Client emailed – I have been entering money spent dockets today and when I did a card for a supplier I didn’t realise that I had set them up as a customer…the transaction is already logged but i can’t correct it (the card) when I try and edit the card. The customer/supplier area wont allow me to change it???? I thought that I was doing ok and have kind of hit a wall what do i do?????? Cheers Natasha

Solution – No need to delete the card – But note you can’t delete OR change/correct the status of card type UNTIL – you take any transactions (trns) off the card (eg you can open the trn then change the card in the spend money to another for a moment, such as the next card in the list), and also change the Recurring Transaction created earlier (>(click/go to)Lists>Recurring Transactions, scroll or search in the box at the top >edit, change the card to another for a moment).

Then >Lists>Cards>find the card, change the type from customer to supplier>OK, close cards.

Go back to the original transaction, open it>change back to the updated card>OK, say yes to changes

Then go back to Recurring Trns – Lists>Recurring Transactions, scroll or search in the box at the top >edit, change the card back and save it.

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