MYOB – Terminating Employee and Inactivate card before or after paying Entitlements?

MYOB Quickbooks Bookkeeping

Nerea asked – “just a quick one. When you are terminating staff and you have terminated the staff member, do you inactivate their card before or after processing their final pay?”

I gave the solution – Inactivate card AFTER final pay, otherwise they will not appear in the pay run so you are be able to process the last pay of the entitlements.


The Steps – finish all pays for the employee and ALL adjustments if required.

Then get the entitlement detail report with Lifetime, to get the FULL entitlements. Do a pay for that employee for the unused annual leave hours owed.

Then when the entitlements are paid, you inactivate the card.

Note the employee will still come up when you are creating payments summaries at year end as part of the year end process. But to stop them coming up each year after that, in MYOB, go to the employee card and change employment status to “Labor Hire” – means you have a nice clean up-to-date list in following years!

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