MYOB – Steps for Terminating an Employee

The Steps for Termination in MYOB, of an employee are as follows

MYOB Quickbooks Bookkeeping
  1. Enter all normal pays due eg normal pay run, and if employee worked a part week, just do a paycheck for that employee for the last few days/hours
  2. Find entitlements unused – go to Reports > Payroll > choose Entitlements Balance Detail, Customise – choose the employee, and the dates from start of employment, to today, and print
  3. Start a pay run – go to Payroll > Process Payroll >choose just that employee, dates do today for payment date and period (all 3 areas the same) >next >open the pay (white arrow) zero the base hourly amount >
  4. Open employee card – click white arrow next to employees’ name (at the top of the screen in the yellow cheque area) >Payroll Details > Wages, tick on Unused Holiday Pay >OK (or create the payroll category if not there)
  5. In the payslip, enter the hours left/acquired from the report just printed, at the Unused Holiday Pay line (you do not need to pay sick leave balances), clear out any PAYG tax or any entitlements (if generated) and no super >OK
  6. Complete the pay run and print the payslip for the employee
  7. Terminate the Employee – Go to cards and open the employee card > Payroll Details Tab >enter the last work date or pay date as the Termination date, there will be a warning that the entitlements will be cleared out, that is OK >OK/Save
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2 thoughts on “MYOB – Steps for Terminating an Employee

  1. Hi, i have entered a termination date by mistake to another employee, pls help me how to undo this action. pls ASAP thank you..( by the way am using MYOB account right, student edition)


    1. Hi Rafaa – you can DELETE the Termination date – only problem is the entitlements get cleared out when a date is entered – did you print a report of the balances of staff before the Termination date, or keep a copy of last payslip such as when emailed to staff? Then you can re-enter in the Entitlements in the employee’s card. Otherwise, if not they will have to be obtained from the last payslip, if you have a copy? Or ask the staff member – or are you doing a sample learning company?
      Tell me more if you still need help. Thanks for posting!

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