MYOB – How to remove “prices are tax inclusive” from my items (or reverse)

MYOB Quickbooks Bookkeeping

Client called saying they are now not registered for GST, but “have thousands of items that I have to remove the ‘prices are tax inclusive’ tick in MYOB and was wondering if there was a quicker was other than going into the item and removing them one at a time.”

Yes there is a quick way to edit items (any part in fact)

Solution: In MYOB –

  1. DO A BACK UP to be safe!
  2. (> means “click”) > File > Export Data > Items
  3. Should say Tab-Delimited and Header Record – leave as is
  4. > Continue > Match All > Export > Save to Desktop
  5. Open the ITEM.TXT file that was created on your desktop – it opens in excel. The top row is the headings. Column AB should be “Sell Price Inclusive” and there should be an x in the column cells below.
  6. Highlight all the cells with an x below, > Delete
  7. > File > Save, say Yes to any warnings . Close the excel file
  8. Back in MYOB: > File > Import Data > Items > Tab-Delimited, Header Record, Duplicate Records – “Delete Item” > Continue > Search Desktop, select ITEM.TXT > Match All > Import, Check the report and any warnings, should be “imported without errors”
  9. Check the items have the box unticked as you wanted.
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2 thoughts on “MYOB – How to remove “prices are tax inclusive” from my items (or reverse)

  1. Where does it say delete them???? My version 19 says update them or reject them not delete them.


    1. Yes you are correct! I wrote the wrong term – thank you!


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