MYOB – Create a return slip in your Invoice

Want to add a customer payment return slip at the bottom of the invoice in MYOB, that shows the invoice # and customer name?

  1. GO to Sales Command Centre
  2. >(Click) Print/Email Invoices
  3. Ensure Sale Type at top is correct
  4. Check Selected Form for Sale at the bottom is correct
  5. >Customise at the bottom
  6. click a field, then right-click on fields such as [Contact Name] and/or [Invoice#], copy it Ctrl+C then click elsewhere in the form, then paste Ctrl+V.
  7. Re-size and move where you want it down the bottom etc
  8. You can add a cut-off line across the bottom too
  9. If positioning is hard, you can snap to grid: >Icon at the top, second from the right >Options Tb >click Show Grid and Snap to Grid. This can sometimes make it easier, or turn off when not required!
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