MYOB – Automate Batch Invoice Multiple Customers eg Annual Subscription

(Read all instructions before starting – can be time-consuming to correct a mistake!)

1) Create a recurring sales invoice for your first customer.  Use generic terms like “Annual Subscription”  for the item/service description so it can be used for any year.

2) Go to List>Recurring Transactions. and locate the sale you just made.  Select edit.

3) Set the Frequency to annual.  Input the date of the required invoice.  At alerts tick “automatically record when due” then  Save

 (or if you want to review the sale before it is sent tick “remind me to record on due date”.  Then use the To Do List>Recurring Sales to actually generate the sale)

 4) Now select “create copy” tab (third box along bottom of recurring list) and select all the customer cards this applies to by ticking them.

5) You now have a recurring sales entry for every customer.  Then you can delete individually if customer does not want to renew.

6)  If you want the actual year of the subscription to show on the invoice sent to the client, edit your invoice layout by adding a text box and enter the year.  Then change the layout next year and so on. Do this BEFORE you create copies for all the subscribers if you need year on the invoice!!

 Always take a backup of your file before attempting and have a trial run.  It is very tedious to delete a mass of recurring entries if something goes wrong!

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