Quickbooks – Customise Address placement in Cheques

Client called and asked – “Is there a way to change the placement of the address on cheques so that they appear better in my window envelopes?”

There are a couple of ways this can be changed –

1.   Go to >File >Printer Setup, on the Form Name choose Cheque/PayCheque then click on the the “Align” button. You can choose to move the printing in any direction. Print “cheque test”on  the choices you  make with the Print Sample to see if it will work for your envelope window problem.

2.   Or go to the Vendor Center and put spaces before the name to move them to the right. This is the hard way to fix your issue but do-able.

3.   You can also change the way you feed your cheques into your printer. Check if this is an option with the printer you are using.

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