How to overcome some of the MYOB OfficeLink alert messages

In MYOB, OfficeLink is a function that allows you to automatically create word processing and spreadsheet documents straight from your accounting software’s data. You need to be using an OfficeLink-compatible word processing and spreadsheet program, for example Microsoft Word and Excel. Refer to your software’s system requirements for information regarding compatible programs.

Some common alerts are:

Error in OfficeLink

Failure to create OLE driver object

drvwd32 OLE Dispatch error:/n Macro=MyobGetTag/n= Error:

Macro = MYOBGet Tag/n error

oleaut32.dll out of date

Unable to locate the necessary files to perform this OfficeLink function.

Note: If you are receiving an alert that is not listed above, please refer to MYOB’s Support site: Other Officelink alerts.

Three main things that will cause an OfficeLink alert are:

  • missing or damaged OfficeLink files
  • missing or damaged Microsoft Office files
  • a Windows corruption that prevents your accounting software from passing data to Microsoft Office

If you receive an OfficeLink alert the following steps are recommended by MYOB.  The most common solutions are listed first and it is suggested you start at Task 1 as it may be the easiest option to overcome your particular error.

Note: If your computer’s hard drive is partitioned, make sure that both your accounting software and Microsoft Office are installed on the same partition.

The tasks covered in this section and the order in which they should be performed are: (Click to be taken to the relevant MYOB support instructions)…

1. Register the OfficeLink drivers

2. Enable the OfficeLink Macro

3. Uninstall / reinstall your accounting software

4. Uninstall / reinstall Microsoft Office

5. Uninstall / reinstall Windows

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