MYOB common printer error messages and how do I solve them?

If you get print errors with numbers from -5 to 5, these are low-level system errors from Windows. They are NOT error messages from your accounting software – those errors all have 4 digits. They range from not having enough hard drive space to a corrupt print driver.

There must be a printer driver installed, whether or not you are using a printer, to allow reports to be displayed in your software.

What are the common errors? The printer error messages shown below are Windows system related errors.

Error number Definition
-5 Not enough memory
-4 Out of disk space
-3 User cancelled print
-1 General error
1 Printer not named (default printer settings in Windows Control Panel)
2 Print driver not specified (default printer settings in Windows Control Panel)
3 Print port not specified (default printer settings in Windows Control Panel)
4 Name of printer driver too long – device in WIN.INI (if line is longer than 80 characters you will get this error)
5 Create DC call unsuccessful (DC = Display Context). This can occur in printing to the printer or the screen. You may receive this error message, “Call to create DC failed, error #5.” If you are printing to the screen or printer this can be caused by not having a suitable video driver, or printer driver, or having Port as None in the windows section of the WIN.INI file. You will receive this message when you attempt to open/print without a printer attached.  Also make sure you have a printer driver installed on your computer.Note: MYOB support note Printer Error 5 when using Windows Vista or Windows 7 contains information specific to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Any other printer error with a number other than -5 to 5 is totally specific to the manufacturer’s printer or printer driver software. These errors can be found in the Printer Manual or you can contact the printer manufacturer for support.


  • Ensure a default printer is specified in Windows.
    • Windows XP: Click the Windows Start button and choose Printers and Faxes. Right-click your default printer and choose Set as Default Printer. 

    • Windows 7: Click the Windows Start button and choose Devices and Printers. Right-click your default printer and choose Set as Default Printer.

  • Check how much free space is on the Hard Disk Drive (500MB is a realistic minimum).
  • Reinstall the printer driver through the Windows Control Panel. MYOB support note Reinstalling a printer driver in Windows 98/2000/XP/7 has instructions for this.
  • Defragment the Hard Disk Drive:
    • Click the Windows Start button and choose All Programs, then choose Accessories, then choose System Tools then choose Disk Defragmenter.
    • Click the C: drive then click Defragment (or Defragment disk).

  • If you have a Dot Matrix or an Ink Jet (NOT CANON) you can try to use the Generic/Text Only Driver.
  • Laser printers should try an HP4L. CANON Printers MUST use a Canon driver, for example BJ10ex

For more assistance, call for a free phone discussion +61 407 361 596

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2 thoughts on “MYOB common printer error messages and how do I solve them?

  1. how can i post opening balance to trial balance while i have already posted all jounals, is it possible to do so?


    1. Hi David, yes you can post or adjust opening balances after journals are posted in MYOB and Reckon/QuickBooks – it depends on what year you are working on in MYOB (not such an issue in Reckon/QuickBooks Accounts) – if an earlier year you will be limited to only being able to change opening balances of the actual accounts – but needs to be done with CAUTION if there were accounts of years in-between! Or if you haven’t rolled over last year, you can still journal at 30 June the prior year and align to the Trial Balance your accountant gives you, then roll forward the year in MYOB. IN Reckon/QuickBooks rolling forward a year is not mandatory, but you can still post a 30 June journal. If you have rolled forward in MYOB to the current year (this year) and need to align your balances, work out the difference and since you won’t be able to post to 30 June, adjust the opening balances of the chart of accounts – Go to Set Up > Balances > Account Opening Balances and Carefully enter the adjustment carefully!!! If you would like more help, email me


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