Is Self Managed Super for You? SMSF Investing – April Seminar

Part 1    SMSF – What is it, learn the Pros & Cons, and why it is the fastest growing financial area in Australia. It is now a younger age group from mid 30’s to mid 40’s that is the new growing group opening an SMSF – find out why. A professional administrator, Paul from Account Keeping plus tells you all. Handouts Free.

Part 2    Investment Options in SMSF simplified – Learn how to invest – the broader possibilities in an SMSF. Learn what makes a safe company (even “boring”) and why they are the steady growers that don’t usually fall as far in downturns, recover quicker, and how to find them. Learn from Tom, former analyst at Lincoln Indicators and professional broker at Halifax Services across Aust. Packed with simple lessons on finding quality shares.

BONUS – Free 8-page DIY Expert Guide

Halifax Investment Services

Level 24, 35 Collins Street, Melbourne Aust

Tuesday 5 April,   12.30pm  &    6.30pm

For more info see

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