Frequent Transactions – Memorise for speed in Quickbooks

Most Businesses have transactions that repeat weekly, monthly or even yearly. These include bank fees, interest, loan payments, telephone etc. To save setting them up each time, even if the amount changes, memorise it and use next time – usually just date and amount is all that is needed – much quicker!

After you set up the transaction, before you save, memorise it: Ctrl + M, a screen will appear, give the transaction a name eg the supplier being paid, then what for, if needed (eg Telstra Landline, or Telstra Bigpond/Mobile etc). You can be reminded as frequently as you want, but some find that distracting, so just say never if preferred. Save it then when back in the transaction, save that.

A list of your memorised transactions is found from, type Ctrl + T, or go to Lists>Memorised Transactions and select the one you need.

Even yearly payments such as ASIC or Workcover, in Australia, are worth memorising th first time you do it – it’s ready for next year.

I find it MORE than HALVES my data entry time, and once i work out where a transaction is to go it’s ready every time i need it and don’t need to search back or write down the account to allocate to etc. Once you get used to it a couple of times, i memorise ALL transactions the first time i do it – then they are all ready to go!

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