Super not Calculating for new Employee – Quickbooks

Had a call that super was not calculating for a new employee. It turned out that one employee was on weekly pay, and the new employee was a monthly paycheck. So when we checked the Super Payroll item, we found that the new Payroll Item “Monthly Pay” was not ticked to be included in super calculations.

The way to check why super is not calculated, and how to correct it, do the following…

1. Go to Employees in the top grey menu

2. >(Click) Manage Payroll Items > View/Edit Payroll Item List

3. >Super, >next and check each screen is et up correctly

4. At “Include Payments In Contribution” step, ensure that the Payroll Item created for the employee is ticked, but for Aust, Hol Loading should NOT be clicked, and usually neither should Bonus.

5. Finish

6. Check by starting a pay run and see in the pay detail if the super is calculating correctly now.

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