MYOB – Annual Leave Adjustments Part 2

Adjusting year-to-date leave balances

Unlike carry over leave balances, you can’t change the year-to-date hours in the employee’s card. To adjust the accrued hours for an employee you can either:

  • adjust the hours in the next pay run, or
  •  record a leave adjustment paycheque for the affected pay period. This method requires you to record a void paycheque as described in the procedure outlined below.
  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Process Payroll. (Pay Employees in older software versions). The Process Payroll window appears.
  2. Process Individual Employee.
  3. Select the employee you want to adjust leave for.
  4. In the Payment Date field, enter the date you want to record the adjustment.
  5. Enter a pay date range in the Pay period start and Pay period end fields. This should be for the pay period you are adjusting.
  6. Click Next. The Select and Edit Employees Pay window appears.
  7. Click the arrow in the Edit column next to the employee’s name. The Pay Employee window appears.
  8. Type a reference in the Cheque number field to show it is an adjustment. For example enter ADJ in the field.
  9. If you want, enter a description of the adjustment in the Memo field.
  10. Delete all hours and amounts shown in the window. You need to do this so you don’t re-record any pay amounts for the period, other than the leave adjustment.
  11. In the relevant leave accrual field, enter the adjustment leave hours in the Hours column. For example, if you need to subtract 8 hours from the employee’s holiday accrual, type -8 next to Holiday Leave Accrual.
  12.  Click OK. A warning message appears asking if you want to void the paycheque.
  13. Click OK. The Select and Edit Employee window appears.
  14. Click Record. A message appears confirming the number of paycheques to record.
  15. Click Continue. The void paycheque is recorded and the Process Payments window appears.
  16.  Click Close.

For diagrams and more click on           “MYOB – Annual Leave Adjustments”       at

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