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Quickbooks – Aust. BAS Checks & Reports & Entries


(For earlier Quickbooks versions, the reports may be in a different order)

After all transactions are entered (all bank accounts, loans, petty cash, credit card statements, sales invoices and purchases and payments reconciled) the following is a good best-practice process to follow for preparation before the BAS form is completed:

1. Check tax codes exceptions: Reports >Tax >Tax Code Exception Report – Detail, select the dates for the period required (eg Last Quarter). You can save a copy in Memorised Transactions: Ctrl+M. Check that the tax code is not required where the report lists exceptions. Correct any mistakes. Print to keep a record.

2. Check transaction coding detail: Reports >Tax >Tax Detail, select the dates for the period required (eg Last Quarter). You can save a copy in Memorised Transactions: Ctrl+M. Check that the tax code is correct for the type of sale or expense (eg for no GST: EXP if sale, or FRE if purchase etc). Correct any mistakes. Print to keep a record

3. Report Summary for the BAS: Reports >Tax >Tax Summary, select the dates for the period required (eg Last Quarter). You can save a copy in Memorised Transactions: Ctrl+M. >Modify report >Advanced > Display Columns: Active, and Tax Basis: Net or Gross as you prefer. (If not sure, contact us for free assistance). Report should have just columns and rows that have amounts. Print.

reckon melbourne bookkeeping consulting tax summary BAS


4. Payroll W1 and W2 Payg tax – create a payroll report that shows these for the period

5. Collect all reports together, with the summary at the front.

6. Complete the BAS, then make a copy of the BAS form both sides and clip together with the reports as a record for your accountant Year end.



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8 thoughts on “Quickbooks – Aust. BAS Checks & Reports & Entries

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  2. This was really helpful. I am a BAS Agent, but fairly new to Quickbooks, and couldn’t find the right reports to check the transaction tax allocation. This was really helpful. Thankyou!


  3. Thank you, good article and helped a first timer doing BAS to cover all aspects


  4. How do I enter a payment to the ATO from a BAS into reckon accounts plus 2013 after I have finished running the BAS.


    • Dear Sandra, thank you great question
      Apologies for the delay. To enter the BAS you enter the payment from your bank account to pay it, using Write Cheques (Ctrl+W) and allocate to the Tax Account (where you GST from sales and purchases/expenses go) either the GST Collected on the first line, then GST Paid as negative on the next line (or just the NET of the 2 as one line to Tax Account).
      Then if you have PAYG Withholding (from wages, since you are using “plus” version) you enter another line to that account for the amount of PAYG from the wages for that period. The net amount of the transaction should match the amount paid/to pay.
      Whether it is in MYOB or Reckon the cheque is the same – see the pictures in this post further down – .
      Call if still not clear 0407 361 596, no obligation.
      Cheers, Paul


  5. Hi Can you please tell me, where in the Reckon modified report – advanced, I can find the display area for Gross amounts including GST or Net not including GST. I have looked in the display and cannot see ACTIVE or TAX BASIS


    • Hi Jeannette
      I realised point 3 should have said Tax Summary – I have updated the post above. and here is a picture and the 4 steps to find the parts to alter as you need are in red, at bottom of the post. Let me know how you go!


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