Email pay slips and payment summaries in QuickBooks

In the Employees record, the Preferred Send Form Method must be set to the desired option – Print, Email or Both.

To edit this setting:

1. From the Employees menu, select Employee Centre
2. Click the Employees tab, if necessary
3. Select the employee and click Edit Employee…
4. Click the Address and Contact tab
5. Select the Preferred Send Form Method from the drop down list

Note: Only the selected send method from the drop down list will be available for the selected employee.

 If Email is selected, pay slips and payment summaries will not be able to be printed for that employee and vice versa.

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6 thoughts on “Email pay slips and payment summaries in QuickBooks

  1. Hello, we’ve checked the email for each of our employees (9 at present) and ticked the method as both
    Then gone to File>Select Forms To Email>Pay Slips
    The selection, date, etc works fine, and the preview is also fine, but as soon as we press OK, QB crashes. I can send a copy of the crash report of you like. Any suggestions? We did, after about 50 attempts, manage to send 3 payslips, which are in the mail sent items (with correct address and attachment)
    Currently using Windows 7 Home Prem, SPk 1, QB-Plus 2012/2013
    Any suggestions? QB support appears to be almost a waste of time


    1. Hi Mark – Are you still having problems?
      Sounds like it is not a QuickBooks problem and you may need a computer IT expert for a solution.
      I know someone in Melbourne (Aust) who may be able to help you:
      Adam – 0415 619 500


      1. Adam, the original issue ( using [File>Select Forms To Email>Pay Slips]) still exists (last time we tried), but found if we go thru the employee centre to print pay slips all works ok. So sounds like could be a QB issue. We never had any issues with emailing invoices, and we have also successfully emailed all EoFY payment summaries.
        Haven’t tried the original method since upgrading to Reckon accounts 2012/13 and added latest service pack for new tax tables, but doesn’t seem to be any need.


      2. That is strange, seems a glitch in your actual version, as i have not had the same problem with my version, or on client versions (as yet)!


  2. If you clear the ‘print file” in the dashboard it will work fine. Glitch in QB. Rectified by now?


    1. Thank you for the tip Mark. Not sure if rectified yet by QB, as I haven’t heard nor had the problem with a client since…anyone else?


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